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Freeman Webb Investments


Building a good reputation doesn't come quickly in the real estate investment business. You have to do it one property at a time; one relationship at a time. And as you succeed year-by-year, you build the trust and hold the respect of savvy investors. That's exactly how Freeman Webb has earned the success it enjoys today as one of the South's leading real estate and property management investment firms.

Whether it's a 150-unit complex that needs renovating, or a 1,000 unit multifamily portfolio that needs managing, Freeman Webb has the experience to do it all. And to do it well--with enviable returns that speak for themselves. Maybe that's why their portfolio has doubled just in the past four years-expanding to more than 15,000 apartment units and1,000,000 square feet of office space.

You'll find Freeman Webb owned and managed properties in the leading cities of Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee. So if you're an investment manager looking for diversification into the real estate market-or an owner needing a reliable management firm, look first at the reputation then at the success record and you'll understand why more people than ever are relying on the Investment division of Freeman Webb.

Need a buyer for your apartment complex or a professional management company? Contact: Kent Burns, President, Freeman Webb Investments. (615) 271-2700.

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