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Freeman Webb Inc. is a diversified real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and long-term management of multifamily residential and commercial property. The Freeman Webb investment and management portfolio includes 8 million square feet of office and multifamily property in the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest.

Freeman Webb operates in four distinct segments of the real estate industry, providing a full range of commercial and residential real estate services through its wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • Freeman Webb Investments, Inc. acquires commercial and multifamily residential properties for the company's long-term portfolio as well as for its investor clients.

  • Freeman Webb Management Group , handles the property management of Freeman Webb's portfolio of commercial and multifamily properties and provides property management services to our third party fee management clients.

  • Freeman Webb Mortgage Corp. , one of the oldest mortgage brokers in Tennessee, finances both residential and commercial loans throughout the state.

  • Freeman Webb Co., Realtors, provides commercial and residential real estate sales, leasing and tenant representation services to Freeman Webb clients.

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