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Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2014, Freeman Webb Company was founded by William H. Freeman and James A. Webb, III. Freeman Webb Inc. has grown from a three-person company managing a single complex in Nashville to a full-service real estate firm with 475 employees specializing in the acquisition and long-term management of multifamily residential and commercial properties.

Freeman Webb is the largest owner/manager of apartments in the Nashville area. Freeman Webb currently owns and/or manages properties in the following states: Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, and South Carolina – with 11 million square feet of property in North America including ninety multifamily residential properties with more than 15,000 units, and over one million square feet of commercial property.

If you or your company are looking for a full-service real estate firm that has years of experience and industry know-how, look no further than Freeman Webb. Offering multifamily residential property management, commercial property management, commercial and residential realtor services, and investment opportunities… Freeman Webb is here to serve!

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